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Photo of Mathew Black

Matt Black

Managing Director


Hospitality Professionals

Level 15, 60 Station Street Parramatta, NSW 2150

Currently Matt Black is the MD of the Hospitality Professionals; with a desire to serve his customers and driven by the ambition of nurturing a corporate culture that promotes integrity. He is committed to utilizing his leadership skills so as to build a long lasting relationship with his customers and also to ensure that his work partners are inspired to serve the clients in the best possible manner. He is a visionary entrepreneur who is focused and determined to achieve success. His unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that the clients receive nothing but the best. At Hospitality Professionals, he maintains a strict vigil over his subordinates and is involved in all aspects of business development strategies so as to lead the venture to new heights.

His various roles in the culinary industry have prepared him well for his current position. He is an integral part of the business plan and marketing team whereby he provides his valuable input for targeting the market and shaping their service according to the changing market trends thus providing a vision and objective to the company. He is passionate when it comes to dealing with his clients and thus fosters a culture of reliability, innovation, integrity and professionalism.

One quality that sets Matt Black apart from his contemporaries is his passion to discover and utilize his potential to the max. Driven by the motivation to learn and therefore expand his operations as well as his expertise, he let his creative side take over. Being a perfectionist, he threw himself wholeheartedly into studying management and administration thoroughly before he launched his own venture. Since the management is the soul of any business he studied Business Management. However in order to enhance his skillset further, he also studied Project Management. While business management provided him an insight into the day to day tasks of planning and organizing a business setup, project management studies added to his skills of leadership and control which aided him in modeling the core services as well as the strategic development of the business model. No business could run successfully without a capable leader at the helm. Along with strong leadership and organizational skills, Matt Black has an exceptional gift of vision which gives him an edge over his colleagues.