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Reliable Hospitality Labour On Demand

Complete Hospitality Labour Hire Staff Solutions

  • Hire Seasonal Hospitality Staff

    Do your labour requirements fluctuates seasonally? We’ll give you the flexibility to hire the talent you want when you need it—for stress-free smooth business operations.

  • Cover Sick or Last Minute Call Outs

    Get staff on call who can help out for a day in case of temporary staff outages like sick leave, sudden attrition, or maternity leave.

  • Reduce Your Manpower Costs

    The highly-skilled staff we provide won’t drain your operations with needed training efforts or management time, increasing your profitability with less stress!

  • Outsource Your HR Responsibilities

    Reduce the high risk of hiring casuals through us and forget about the HR duties. No more superannuation, payroll or workcover insurances.

We’re proud to be listed as a preferred provider of labour hire solutions for many small, medium and large hospitality businesses.

The right workers, when you need them!

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Your Labour Recruitment Professionals

At Hospitality Professionals, we strongly believe that the kind of people you hire and induct into your organization can make or break your profits. Building teams and organizations is a step-by-step process of interviewing and shortlisting the right candidates, administering technical and psychometric tests and ensuring that when you do hire someone, they are committed to maintaining 100% integrity and confidentiality.
Join the real hospitality agencies today who employ hard working members to assist small established business to large private companies and facilities. view our executive register with ease of navigation for sourcing diverse temporary permanent position for our recruiting database to continue small positive support roles with project success in customer wide service.

From casual staff to complete hospitality staffing needs,we can help.

Call 1300 467 776 to schedule a conversation today and give your hospitality operation a competitive edge!

Offering Long-Term Benefits

We offer a 90-day guarantee of replacing any candidate in case they leave within three months of getting hired, employee retention and engagement counselling within first three months by our team of HR professionals to candidates who get hired by us. Additionally, we’ll make sure to stay in touch with our candidates and understand their first impression with the organization throughout their initial performance review.

Hospitality Services & Beyond!

Besides permanent placement services, we also offer labour hire, contracts and flexible staffing options. From a minimum of 4 hours booked you can have your own hospitality professional at your service. With our labour hire and contract service, you don’t need to worry about Superannuation, PAYG or any Entitlements. Hospitality Professionals will do all this processing to save you time behind the desk and allow you to manage your business.

Experience the Skilled Employment Specialists

  • A Comprehensive Hiring Process

    Each of our labour hire staff are carefully hand-picked through a detailed selection and interview process. They have worked in some of the best venues, kitchens and served at some of the most prestigious events in Australia.

  • Highly Proficient Recruitment Experts

    Our Recruitment Experts are extremely well versed with the Australian labour market and are well connected in the Hospitality Industry and national network. They utilize a multi-channel approach to maintain a pool of candidates at all times, to ensure that we service your Labour hire requirements with the best candidate, in the shortest timeframe.

  • The Hospitality Agency of Choice!

    Our association with some of the best hotels, kitchen and event management houses across Australia ensure that those who work as labour hire staff through us are provided with a wide range of choice assignments, flexible work options, and opportunities to work with some of the best names, ensuring we attract only the top candidates for your business!

Short & Long Term Contracts   Temporary Labour Hire    Permanent Placements

A Recruiting Provider Specialising in Hospitality, Tourism & Health Care Groups.

Hospitality Professional workers are responsible employees focused on improving reliable recruitment services for our client workplace. Our experienced mobile workforce have great communication Skills & knowledge to meet your company & customers quality expectations while running community relationships.

Site Application Access Required for Government Trade Specialists

Before cleaning or commencement; visit from new kitchen hands, chefs and involved staff should be briefed on standard and specific public health safety content on the select local sites for emergency & environment areas. industries like aged care & disability centre to largest major industrial administration members have understanding on the safety info & forms which effect, attract & return a level range in insurance and maintenance costs.

Why else to consider outsourcing your human resources duties?

We understand your duties business challenges company culture and organisational goals
and we deliver solutions that fit your unique operation.